Police escort grocon staff into work site after security incident at the Grocon factory in São Paulo, Brazil September 29, 2015

Police escort grocon sta속초출장마사지ff into work site after securit제천출장마사지y incident at the Grocon factory in São Paulo, Brazil September 29, 2015. REUTERS/Sergio Mo에그 벳raes

The workers who died were part of a group who were working to cut carbon dioxide emissions for a major state oil and gas company, said Brazilian police.

“The cause of death is undetermined,” Brazil’s Federal Institute of Public Health said on its website.

The incident occurred on September 28.

It was not immediately known whether the worker was an employee or a contractor, according to government sources familiar with the situation.

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The Grocon factory is one of 10 factories to be investigated after revelations by investigative newspaper Folha de São Paulo in November about how they had operated on the planet’s largest iron ore deposit.

Indigenous stations merger to provide better coverage of regions

Indigenous stations merger to provide better coverage of regions

6 August 2016 – A number of Indigenous radio and television stations have merged their coverage into a single digital package, effectively ending the fragmented Indigenous networks available on the national radio, television and film networks.

Indigenous Radio Corporation of Australia’s (IRCA) new ‘Indigenous stations’, or ISCs, will combine their live TV and radio, including broadcast, and online broadcast services. With ISCs, stations can easily carry live content and on-demand online in a way that is not only affordable for small businesses, but also can be offered in multiple languages.

The merger will deliver the improved, on-demand coverage, as well as content from the same independent broadcasting and community groups, that would not have been available before.

The Government has set up a joint committee to consider the potential impact of a joint-ISC policy in the coming weeks.

The Government intends to ensure that Indigenous radio and television, which have been struggling to compete with other radio stations, receive the support, and the benefits, of full regional coverage, which they have long been missing.

Indigenous broadcaster ARZ has said the new joint-ISC policy is needed to enhance the regionalism and diversity of their broadcast services, by increasing their national content and providing online services.

This new digital package will cover all ISCs in Australia from 7 August 2016, and is the product of consultation with the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Torres Strait Islander, New Zealand-based indigenous stations.

The public will benefit from:

Increased regional coverage

Expanded national digital coverage

Online services on local news websites

More Indigenous stations across Australia

The government will commit $40 million in infrastructure investment to ensure that local broadcasters, including ARZ, continue to deliver excellent, and consistent, regional radio and television coverage.

Indigenous Radio and Television Corporation of Australia (IRCA) CEO Peter White said:

“We are taking some important steps forward in terms of creating regional ISCs for Indigenous broadcasters, providing regional-focused online services and p바카라규칙roviding enhanced regional and local di속초출장샵gital content. These are all vital steps to create stronger regional broadcasting and to help indigenous statio로투스 홀짝ns to continue to grow.”


Australia has one of the largest Australian-funded indigenous radio networks of any national media company in the world, with about 35 stations, including some well-established and significant independent television, radio and online radio services. IRCA offers an extensiv

Water corp probes nature reserve dams in the Himalayas

Water corp probes nature reserve dams in the Himalayas


Tunikiri-Deltas are specialised marine robots capable of capturing and releasing small fish using only one stroke.

“Fish do not always return to the surface, but in a small amount,” Todaro Saha, head of the research into marine robots at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Nagpur told AFP.

He had earlier said the fish were more sensitive to shock and could even move on their own if kept alive for long enough.

The marine robotic system was developed for the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty, Filippo Grandi, in 2013, and has recently been applied to more remote waters.

- Catch and release -

The machines are guided by GPS속초출장마사지 using sensors and cameras mounted on their backs. The fish can then be taken to shallow waters, the researchers said.

Researchers at the New Delhi institute recently launched a study on capturing fish using fish-killer technology.

According to a study published in the in전주출장샵ternational journal Science in 2013, scientists with the NIS had captured a variety of fish species, ranging from fish that could withstand the high temperatures on remote reefs, to those whose life was threatene여수출장마사지d due to climate change or their habitat was being devastated by commercial fishing.

While some fish could live for up to two years in a single capture, others could survive only two years, the scientists said.

The technique can also help keep fish healthy in a population.

A further study, involving more than 120 scientists including some from universities across India, found that fish were less likely to suffer from mortality when they could be released from capture devices.

The researchers said the technology could be used “very strategically to improve the quality of fish stocks, improve the quantity of fish caught and potentially help ensure the survival of species”.

Explore further: Aquaculture could save fish on the brink of extinction

China urged to improve trade practices in South Asia with India following a fresh attack on a Chinese shipping company by an Indian navy vessel last month

China urged to improve trade practices in South Asia with India following a fresh attack on a Chinese shipping company by an Indian navy vessel last month.

China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said a formal visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to India would be welcomed by Indians, adding that his visit could also lead to improving ties between their two nations.

“It is카지노 게임 not our purpose to discuss politic진주안마s. It is our intention to improve ties,” Lu said.

In a separate statement, the Indian Arm강남출장마사지y said it had killed an unidentified Chinese pirate off the country’s western coast on Tuesday evening.

China accuses India of illegally trading with India with the aim of getting India to adopt Chinese rules on trade.

The ministry of interior said the piracy happened off the northern coast of the Indian state of Assam on the south-western border with Myanmar, about 220 km (130 miles) to the north of Rangoon in Myanmar.

China and Myanmar have longstanding military ties but relations are tense as Myanmar was ruled for decades by the Chinese Communist Party and was a Chinese ally in East Asia.

On the road with abc rural reporter tom edwards and abc

On the road with abc rural reporter tom edwards and abc.com producer Michael D’Antonio.

“This is all going to start with how much it costs to buy the cable company,” said Ms Rutter.

“Then there’s the cost of buying land that’s not yours. It’s actually pretty easy for most Australians that don’t have properties – they can live on their $2,000 property.

“And then there’s the cost of building the 카지노커뮤니티new station that’s going to deliver video to those people who can’t go to see the news.

“It’s a huge expense.”

On the hunt for an ABC 광주안마rural correspondent Tom Edwards is looking to recruit candidates this weekend. Photo: Peter Braig

Itgta5카지노‘s not just in rural areas where digital news is being squeezed out of the traditional media.

The Sunday Times’ rural correspondent, Tom Edwards, who travels the country promoting the ABC’s digital programmes, is trying to pick up his 10 per cent national licence fee.

But ABC radio station News Corp can offer $7.60.

A deal has not yet been finalised for News Corp’s radio station, and it is widely expected to fail to convince the broadcaster to carry the ABC’s news online.

Regulars ruled out of south african tour by head coach

Regulars ruled out of south african tour by head coach

TODD SHAW (BEN): “The reality is it’s a young boy. There’s been no injuries and there are no problems from the injury that he has had to run through in training.”


South Africa: Hodge (shoulder) has been ruled out of the match

New Zealand: Smith (concussion) has missed the last two matches; Jones (neck) is doubtful for Saturday

INJURIES, weekend


South Africa: Hodge (right shoulder injury), Jones (ribs) and Adam Thomson (hamstring) – all injured in warm-ups

New Zealand: No new injuries


AAMI Park, Auckland, Friday and Sunday at 10.15am

REFEREE: Dan Carter (Australia)


Hodge (6 Tests, 7 starts)

Nigel Owens (14 Tests, 5 starts)




All times AEDT


11 Aug 2015: Australia 21 South Africa 0 (Lolohea scoreless in second game at home, 3 goals, one clear-cut goal)

TICKETS: $110 (advanced) | $60 (general admission) | $60 (retail)


11 Aug 2015: South Africa 4 New Zealand 7 (Vatuvei assists, three penalties; Jone원나잇s penalties, penalties; Taniela adds score with third goal)

TICKETS: $40 (advanced) | $30 (general admission) | $30 (retail)




New Zealand coach Mal Meninga will seek to put the South Africans in p포커 의 신osition for a successful series against their bitter rivals while playing at the new venue.

South Africa visit the Auckland Test Stadium on Sunday 12 August as they attempt to improve on a season which began when New바카라사이트 Zealand were beaten 13-7 in Sydney in a friendly game in 2013.

With New Zealand now on one of the highest rungs in the global rankings, South Africa could look to a victory and two points from their next meeting with New Zealand in March if they manage to get past the All Blacks.

The last tim

Tests find radiation in rice from fukushima, which is used in meat, milk and cheese

Tests find radiation in rice from fukushima, which is used in meat, milk and cheese.

It is unlikely, however, that the contaminated soil and water will not leak out again into the air. The plant began releasing radioac중국 마사지tive cesium-137 into the Pacific Ocean in August, causing damage to shipping lines and releasing huge plumes of radioactive cesium into the air.

The Fukushima Daiichi plant, where the reactors melted down and releases of radiation were detect화천출장샵ed, was fully evacuated in 2011, but the plants continue to release cesium-137 and a number of other cesium isotopes into the air.

The World Health Organization estimates that around 10,광주출장안마000 workers may be affected by any of the various health effects that have been linked to the releases.

Giteau injured in rugby return

Giteau injured in rugby return

The 26-year-old has spent four years at French club Montpellier, where he scored eight tries.

He played in every game in a match against Lecomte last month before being forced to pull out in injury time.

“He wasn’t doing particularly well천안출장샵,” Montpellier coach Marcelo Garcecco told France Football.

“He didn’t show his best football so we decided to wait a bit longer with the squad and he was taken off to rest. We’ve received nothing from Paris Saint-Germain.

“Unfortunately, he could not return to the field as he is still struggling with this injury. It will be a big step for him to come back.”

He missed the club’s World Cup game ag카지노ainst Scotland in the summer

Garcecco also played down suggestions that he was a possible replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has also struggled for form since returning from injury.

The 30-year-old has been a target for the French national team since 2011, when he made his move to Stade Lorient from French side Nice.

He scored 30 goals in 134 appearances for Lille in France’s three major domestic campaigns.

Garcecco added: “The player, who is so highly admired in France, knows his place.

“At the moment, I am very grateful for a great opportunity that was offered to him.”

The 26-year-old, who has yet to confirm a future in French football, was injured when his team lost a penalty and then fell behind early in the second half of the 3-2 win over Montpellier.

Garcecco confirmed in April that he had also planned to start Garbeau at the start of the campaign, but said during that pre-season te온라인 바카라st session that “a good amount” of time had passed.

Garcecco believes Garbeau, who played seven times for Lille last season, has the qualities to become a star at French club.

“In his own way he has a good quality,” Garcecco told L’Equipe. “He always brings something special, in training, in football.

“I’m very happy because I think he deserves to be a French international, not only because he’s the best player in the league.”

Garcecco played in the recent friendly between Belgium and Uruguay


Blaze claims charity donations account for 80% of its revenues

Blaze claims charity donations account for 80% of its revenues. The other 20% comes from membership subscriptions.

So in its statement, the charitable group also argues it “does not have a financial need for membership.” The IRS is currently auditing 501(c)4 non-profits for possible potential tax problems.

But if you go through IRS records and research, it seems unlikely that chari우리카지노table donations are being used to benefit a non-profit.

“It’s very rare, especially within a charitable organization to make charitable contributions in its entirety, or, in other words, a majority of the donations would not qualify as a charitable contribution to qualify for tax-free status,” said Larry Noble, who leads the nonprofit tax and accounting practice at Noble Income.

Still, charitable groups like the Blaze seem to operate with an asterisk.

A Blaze spokeswoman said the group did not report nearly 2.6 billion in revenue in 2013, less than three-quarters of which comes from donations.

The group’s donations include roughly $700 million in checks — more than one-quarter of the total for that period, with the remaining portion coming from personal checks. The donations are required to be r강원출장샵eported, which means the Blaze is supposed to be reporting more donations than it does, according to IRS rules.

The IRS can issue the charity a temporary 501(c)(3바카라 게임) status — basically a special designation with no limits, a way to raise unlimited amounts of money — but it can’t approve or tax the checks it receives, either, the agency said in a statement. The organization can still tax its donation, but only in certain years, it said.

The Blaze’s donations, however, were “not unusual” given how large its income comes from, according to Noble. There are other small non-profits that make “substantial donations to causes similar to those of the Blaze.”

“The Blaze doesn’t seem to have an extensive background,” he said.

The Blaze may have lost money last year, but there have been several other 501(c)4s with a similar philosophy, Noble said. A charity can earn millions each year by providing tax-exempt services. If charitable status is needed, he says, the charity should apply it for approval. The IRS will sometimes approve the group in cases where the donation would be too small or if there’s a substantial reason for it to not be eligible. But it must report only a tiny portion of the organization’s financials.

The Blaz

Concerns not enough specialists to treat sex offenders

Concerns not enough specialists to treat sex offenders

“While these new standards require a medical professional to be in place and have the experience to handle these cases, the new standards do not require medical professionals to be specialist sex offenders,” says Dr. William D. Shipp, the director of the Department of Law, in an April 12, 2013, statement.

In 2007 the Supreme Court struck down Colorado’s “three strikes law” that limited a person’s right to sue sex offenders when a physician, doctor of osteopathy, or podiatric physician failed to report a criminal sexual conduct. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled the new rules were a violation of federal law and the Colorado Medical Board must implement them. In order to comply with the new state standards there will need to be at least 515 state board-certified physicians and other medical providers.

The Center for Inquiry reports that in 2008 there were more than 130,000 reported violations of sex offender registration in the United Sta마사지tes, of which almost 2 million were sexual abuse or assault cases. In that year, about 19,000 sex offender registe골목red patients were admitted into psychiatric institutions, but only about 20 percent of those individuals received treatment and, as a result, almost all the patients were placed back into their homes. There was only one hospital in that state to serve an estimated 1,600 sex offenders.

“These laws have the effect of making it easier for sex offenders to keep on reoffending,” says Shipp. “That’s the very thing that led the Supreme Court to strike down sex offender registration law three years ago.”

Some fear state medical boards will not be ready to accept sex offenders. “They’ve been trying to make their state a model in this field,” says Shipp. “At first we thought they had all the right people in place, but they’ve got a backlog of cases. In order to get these doctors to move forward, people who have criminal records are going to have to become specialists, that’s what doctors will be asked to do. And this really hurts the vulnerable and vulnerable in society and it also hurts those sex offenders. What does that mean for our community’s youth?”

The problem is that there are not enough trained medical professionals who are qualified to handle these cases. “They’re all over the place in terms of their education and training, and they need professional help. I’ve seen it in every sex offender case크레이지 슬롯 I have worked on,” says Shipp. “There are all these new protocols in place, but the medical establishment hasn’t been trained t