North talks up test credentials in Washington and Kabul as Obama calls it off

North talks up test credentials i카지노 사이트n Washington and Kabul as Obama calls it off

Settling on the “right people” for the job is “not difficult,” says President Barack Obama, the former Afghan president who turned 70 Thursday.

“It’s very straightforward — you appoint the right people,” he said at a White House news conference following a trip to Washington, where he hosted a delegation of diplomats and allies, as well as his daughter Malia, the daughter of a senior Obama administration official.

He and other former presidents have been pressing the Obama administration and the Pentagon to keep fighting after more than 17 years of war and to “make sure they’re ready” for battle, Obama said, adding, “I’ve seen this show once.”

In the last two weeks, Obama had urged his administration to keep fighting despite U.S. concerns about Pakistan’s actions in the North Waziristan tribal area and in the tribal areas in North Waziristan under the Taliban.

“It’s very clear, there are people that have to stay involved,” he said.

He noted that at least one Afghan national is among the 15 people Obam카지노 사이트a has named to head the “Special Envoy for Afghan Security Transformation” — a term meant to create an office specifically for working with the Taliban and other terror groups, particularly al-Qaeda.

‘Tough choices’

But he cautioned that “it’s not just about getting a war with China. This is about trying to understand how you deal with terrorism.”

That approach, Obama said, “is the right one… but at some point you’ve got to start trying to understand what’s driving the terrorist threat. And that’s exactly what we have to do on the counterterrorism front.”

The president was joined by four other former presidents at a joint news conference, one in which he also said there is “no alternative” to his strategy of “tough choices.”

His emphasis, Obama said, was to take what he calls his “firstborn” — a peace process that has made progress in Afghanistan despite numerous violence-related incidents — and make sure it doesn’t go “over the top.”

But as recently as 2010, Obama criticized the talks with President Hamid Karzai and other foreign leaders — with whom he had once discussed fighting Taliban milita예스카지노nts — saying they should have focused on ending the country’s civil war.

“If we want to make sure that this is something that is not just one side versus the other, bu