Sa pilot scheme for fly in fly out mine workers in the West Bank

Sa pilot scheme for fly in fly out mine workers in the West Bank.

Israeli security forces are holding some 500 Palestinian residents of Silwan on a variety of charges 골드 카지노after they were arrested and detained for eight hours without any explanation, a senior Israeli official told Al Jazeera on Tuesday.

The officials said the detention of Palestinian residents on a raft of “terrorism related charges” and alleged “extortion” by Israeli forces had drawn outrage from rights groups and the international community.

The Israeli government has denied all these allegations.

Earlier on Monday Israeli police arrested a Palestinian woman해운대출장샵 and her husband, an Israeli citizen and member of the Silwan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, said the group’s security chief.

‘I was dragged off the train and beaten’

Muqata Khaled, 25, told Al Jazeera that she was picked up near Qalandia station in central Silwan on Saturday and taken to a police station for questioning.

She said her husband, Muqata Khaled, 42, was also taken from a nearby area, along with three of his friends. They were then held on the suspicion that they were involved in “terrorist activities,” Khaled said.

“They (prison officers) beat me, and my husband was dragged on a road in the police cars and then beaten again, too,” she said.

‘There is a lack of human life’

Khawaja Ahmad, executive director of Palestinian rights group Al-Shifa, said the women were also accused of participating in a recent knife attack on a police stati모바일 카지노on in the West Bank city of Hebron.

On July 11, three masked Palestinian men attacked the police station, stabbing the officer, before they fled in a car, leaving one of the injured dead and five of the others injured.

Khawaja Ahmad said the women had all been arrested, along with five others, including his brother, for alleged “extortionist activities”.

Mahmoud Salah, who heads the Silwan branch of the al-Qassam Brigades movement, which is linked to al-Qaida, said the women were held “without any cause, without investigation or in a manner inconsistent with fair trial”.

Mansour Hossain, the chief rabbi of the city, was quoted as saying by the Israeli daily Haaretz that “the government’s policies are targeting Palestinian citizens” and that some Silwan residents were taken “to prison cells and beaten with beatings that were inhuman”.

‘We’ve not bee

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